Titanium Ring, Sky Blue Ring, Cholla Cactus Wood Ring, Resin Cast Hybrid Wood Ring, Wood Wedding Band, Engagement Ring, Anniversary Band

This listing is for a durable, elegant wood ring, handcrafted to your specifications from Cholla Cactus. This Cholla Cactus wood ring has been cast with this sky blue resin and is absolutely spectacular!! This gorgeous ring is perfect for men and women alike!

There are two photos shown in the listing above to help show the variations that occur. Each is truly one-of-a-kind! This listing is per ring.

This heirloom quality ring is meticulously handcrafted one by one, and no two rings will be identical. Casting the Cholla Cactus skeleton with the resin turns a 'normal' wood ring into a true conversation piece! To protect our rings we overlay multiple coats of a durable acrylic finish, sand to 12,000 grit, and finally buff with a hard-drying museum quality non-toxic wax polish. This lengthy process not only makes the grain 'pop', but also makes your artisan wood ring water resistant.

Available Options:
*Please be sure to select your desired ring size and core material from the drop down menu. Sizes 5-8 are approximately 7.5mm wide. Sizes 9-15 are approximately 8.5mm wide. - For a custom width please contact me before placing your order.

All of our rings are handcrafted one by one to your specifications. Because of the amount of time spent on each ring, please be sure to visit a reputable jeweler to be sized using a ring sizer in the same width you'd like to order (wider rings will fit tighter than narrow rings & vice versa).

We welcome custom requests & orders! If you do not see something in our shop that 100% satisfies you, let us know - we'd be honored to work one-on-one with you to create the piece of artisan wood jewelry you're looking for!! :-)

We'd also like to note that because all of our pieces are handcrafted one by one using natural products, the ring you receive may not look 100% identical to the one pictured in this listing. The wood and inlays will have natural variations of shade/color/grain/etc from piece to piece which is beyond our control. But rest assured, the ring you order will be meticulously handcrafted and will be just as beautiful as the one shown!

And as always, a huge thank you for your interest in Skyline Crafts! If it were not for our wonderful customers such as yourself, we wouldn't be able to have this wonderful shop!

Materials: Titanium,Cholla,Cholla Cactus,Cactus,Resin,Blue Resin,Sky Blue Resin,Made to Order,Waterproof

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