Wood Ring Care Instructions:

Our rings are much more durable than most people think! They are made to be worn and to enjoy and most of the activities you partake in on a daily basis are fine! Even though that is the case - there are some precautions to make note of to ensure longevity...

Be sure to avoid any type of caustic/harsh chemicals and abrasives while wearing your ring which will compromise the clear, water resistant finish. Hand sanitizer, disinfectant soaps, acetone, bleach, and the like will all eventually eat away at the finish and damage your ring. Please wear gloves and/or pocket the ring while lifting heavy items, operating tools and machinery, rock climbing, gardening, and/or any other rough/unnecessary treatment. It is important to maintain the finish of your ring - this finish encapsulates the inlaid wood/stones/etc and if the finish is damaged, your ring will hold moisture and the wood will become damaged over time.  

Occasional bathing & hand washing (mild soap) is OK, but after doing these things you should remove the ring to make sure your hand and ring is completely dry. 

We also recommend the purchase and use of Renaissance Wax. This museum quality, non toxic wax is an excellent product. It can be used on your ring in it's entirety as well as any other jewelry you may have. It provides a clear, hard, thin protective covering on your ring that resists water, finger prints, tarnishing, etc. A little goes a long way! Buff a small amount onto the ring, let dry just a few minutes, and buff off using a soft non abrasive micro fiber like cloth. We cannot honor warranties due to negligence/abuse/misuse.