It's whats on the inside that counts...

It's whats on the inside that counts...

June 12, 2017

Our interior inlaid rings are perfect for those that are looking for the classic, sleek, and minimalist style of a 'traditional' ring, but still want something exciting and different from the norm. 

With the wood/stone/resin wrapped in Titanium or Carbon Fiber, you can be sure that it will take a beating! It's perfect for men & women who are hard on their hands.

The materials are bonded together with an industrial marine grade epoxy to ensure strength and durability. The inlaid materials on the interior are also coated with an epoxy like acrylic finish to make the grains and features POP, while also making them water resistant. 

Check them out today! And remember - we can mix & match most materials to your liking :-)